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O' Leary's

Our Coalbrookdate tour starts at the mini-roundabout where Buildwas Road, Dale Road and the Wharfage meet. Turn into Dale Road.

Coalbrookdale is the place where the Industrial Revolution really started after Abraham Darby I arrived from Bristol. It was here that he chose to expand his experiments using an existing forge. Coalbrookdale is now a lovely little area full of special places with walks to explore and lots of history waiting to be told.

The first story is of the “Great Flood” of February 12, 1795. You will see a small café on the left - O’Leary’s for Lunch. On the far right corner of the building is a plaque telling of the floods.

O' Leary's - flood marker

If you stand to read the plaque, you will find that the flood waters rose to the top of the plaque on that date, some 20 feet above the normal level and the school grounds flooded as high as the school building further up the street.

It was an unusual winter and the weather was all haywire, at one point the river broke its banks and raged through Ironbridge Gorge in a real fury.

Trinity Hall [8]

Further along, on the left, is Trinity Hall. Now a doctor’s surgery, but if you stop in front of the building to look at it’s design the first thing you should pick out is a Coalbrookdale cast iron lamp post which used to be at the mini-roundabout by Merrythought Toys. The lamp has a plaque stating it was made in honour of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee 1897. The Aga-Rayburn Foundry refurbished it on April 22, 1994.

Trinity Hall

The next interesting thing about the building is that if you look to the right you will find a large engraved building stone stating that it was laid by Muriel Darby on Easter Monday 1901.

The building was originally the church hall for the Coalbrookdale Holy Trinity Church. During its life it has served many functions: community hall, fire station, the school’s gym and during the war they had an anti-aircraft gun outside and the military slept in the building.

As you drive along there is a newly refurbished brick mill on the right used by a local charity, Castle Care Homes. Across the road is a layby, which is if you were to pull over, you would find the remains of one of the sluice gates from the ponds and two small waterfalls. If you followed the path to the left you will arrive at the railway line and old station where the Greenwood trust is located.


Ironbridge Tour

1. Buildwas
2. Buildwas - The Bridge
3. The Power Station
4. The Valley Hotel
5. The Greenwood Trust
6. Coalbrookdale
7. Aga-Rayburn
8. Coalbrookdale - Paradise
9. Coalbrookdale - Museums
10. Holy Trinity Church
11. Ironbridge - West
12. Ironbridge - The Wharfage
13. The Iron Bridge
14. Town Centre and East
15. Jackfield - West
16. Jackfield - East
17. Coalport & Blists Hill
18. Broseley
19. Benthall
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