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The Green Wood Centre

The Greenwood Trust, Ironbridge

The Green Wood Centre[8]

Formerly The Greenwood Trust. Just across from the Valley Hotel is Station Road. Bear left and look on the right for a signpost for The Green Wood Centre - a real asset for the community of the Gorge.

It is a charity which was formed in 1984 with the help of many volunteers and specialists who were interested and concerned about the condition of the environment.

There are forestry experts, crafts people, teachers, artists and anyone concerned with a healthy living environment, woodland management or cottage crafts.

The trust has a wonderful community room which is worthy of a visit in its own right because of its unique construction. This room can be hired for school parties, classes, lectures etc.

The architects of the building, Simmonds Mills of Telford, often give presentations on the construction of the building. Environmental issues and energy efficiency determined its design concept: including the use of local timbers, position of the building for maximum warmth and coolness, the use of non-toxic plant materials in place of the usual stains & paints, recyclable materials for insulations and waste water facilities that wash through reed beds for filtration and end up in a wildlife friendly pond.

The Centre also continues in the tradition of the industrial era by supporting workshops in the old skills like coppicing, carving, charcoal making, chair making, coracle design, willow work (with a fine maze as an example), basket and broom making, timber framing and monitoring our precious woodland.

The Centre is located at the old Coalbrookdale railway station site and the line still runs in front of the buildings. A footpath runs down to one of the old sluice gates of the upper forge pools.

Thanks to a recent grant, the Centre has been able to extend the workshops to involve disadvantaged people, who can participate in the woodland crafts and skills, design their own project and see it through to completion, thus contributing to the environment and being able to continue afterwards through the knowledge they have learned.

Items such as locally made charcoal, besom brooms, baskets, garden furniture can also be purchased from the Trust.

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