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Viewpoint at Buildwas [1]

River Severn at Buildwas, Ironbridge Gorge

We start at Buildwas where the A4169 and the B4380 meet. Travel west on the B4380 for about a mile and climb up a small hill. You will see two laybys on the left.

Stop a minute, look down on the fields and you will see a wonderful view of the River Severn in a tight s-curve formation showing how hard it worked to get its way into the Ironbridge Gorge.

The backdrop is the famous Wenlock Edge on its way to Craven Arms some 18 miles away.

Buildwas Nature Trail [2]

Buildwas Nature Trail

Retrace you steps back to the junction and turn onto the A4169. Cross the bridge over the River Severn heading towards Much Wenlock.

Directly on the right, you will see the Ironbridge Power Station Club. Travel down the drive and you will find a small nature trail developed by the power station for the enjoyment of children and adults.

There is also a small play and picnic area on the grounds by the ancient apple trees.

There is an environmental studies building and a walk with numbered specimen trees along the route for you to identify from a leaflet which is available at a box located at the studies building.

School parties are encouraged to visit by appointment - contact Ironbridge Power Station on 01952 433451.

Buildwas Abbey [3]

Buildwas Abbey

The entrance to Buildwas Abbey is located a short distance further along the A4169.

The remains are of a Cistercian abbey with lovely Norman arches which was built 1135 and used until 1536 when the dissolution of the monasteries occurred.

Now in the hands of English Heritage you can visit the abbey in the season,

Out of season there is a footpath which runs between a house and the Power Station club which you can walk along to get a glimpse of the abbey.


Ironbridge Tour

1. Buildwas
2. Buildwas - The Bridge
3. The Power Station
4. The Valley Hotel
5. The Greenwood Trust
6. Coalbrookdale
7. Aga-Rayburn
8. Coalbrookdale - Paradise
9. Coalbrookdale - Museums
10. Holy Trinity Church
11. Ironbridge - West
12. Ironbridge - The Wharfage
13. The Iron Bridge
14. Town Centre and East
15. Jackfield - West
16. Jackfield - East
17. Coalport & Blists Hill
18. Broseley
19. Benthall
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