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“The Birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, location of the World’s First Iron Bridge, a World Heritage Site”.

For those who have never heard of Ironbridge let us explain that it is not only the name of a town in Shropshire, but also of an actual bridge made of iron which was cast in the local foundries and built across the River Severn by a man named Abraham Darby III.

The area we are about to explore is situated on the banks of the mighty River Severn, where the houses and businesses cling to the sides of the beautiful Severn Gorge.

It is a unique industrial and natural environment which was formed during the Ice Age when the original flow of the river was diverted, escaped and formed the now famous Gorge.

Our journey starting at Buildwas will take us along roads which run parallel with the river and diversions to places with the names of Coalbrookdale, Coalport, Jackfield and ending in Broseley. Areas which all made their mark in our industrial heritage.

In Victorian times all of these areas had foundries, kilns and fires making the area a buzzing, smoke-filled port which was dark and dusky, even on a good day.

Today see how the area has changed! The grime and the dark smoke is long gone. Now there is wildlife and wildflowers in abundance on the numerous walks around the gorge. Nature has reclaimed the quarries and turned them back into green woodlands with clear brooks running through them.

For those who intended to visit any of the The Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust sites as part of the tour it recommended that you purchase a "Passport Ticket".

These enable you to see the various sites with a single pass that can be used at all the museums over a period of time.

See the official Museum Trust website at for prices, opening times and latest event information.

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